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Twitter App Twikini v1.2 released

Guest philly-d

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Guest philly-d

Trinket Software's popular Twitter app Twikini has just been updated to v1.2.

Version 1.2 (Aug 11, 2009)

  • New: When you click on a Twitpic link, the large photo is conveniently shown inside Twikini. You no longer have to launch a web browser to view the picture.

  • New: Option to launch all URLs in Skweezer (this optimizes websites for small screens). The option is OFF by default. Enable it under Tools > Options > Data/Download.

  • New: Specify which view you want the app to launch in every time (@Replies, DMs, Favorites, Public timeline etc). That way you can quickly get to the Twitter feature you care about most. Find this setting under Tools > Options > Data/Download.

  • New: Set auto refresh to only check DMs and @Replies. This reduces bandwidth usage and battery life, and avoids disturbing you with tweets you may not care about. Find this setting under Tools > Options > Auto Refresh.

  • New: Our first localized version - translated to Danish, thanks Tommy Pedersen. (Coming soon: French, German and Italian).

  • Improved: The timeline listview "wraps" at the top and bottom so you can quickly jump to the top or bottom of the list.

  • Improved: After @replying to a tweet, your currently highlighted item in the list will be kept highlighted (previously it would jump to the newest tweet).

  • Improved: Rewrote some GPS code so it should now work on all devices (or most!). Lots of people had trouble with GPS in previous versions. Please let us know if it works OK now.

  • Bug fix: some passwords were not being saved correctly.

  • Bug fix: when you post a tweet with a "+" character, the "+" would be lost.

  • Bug fix: messages containing '<' or '>' would get chopped off.

  • Other minor improvements and code cleanup.

There's a growing number of Twitter apps now available for Windows Mobile, but Twikini is actually my personal favourite.

There is a 14 day trial available, and it is only $4.95 to purchase.

And don't forget you can follow modaco on Twitter to keep up with the latest news too! :)

Via [Trinket Software]

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