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LG GD910 Watch Phone Announced!

Guest tsutton

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Guest DarkWanderer

Ridiculous. On the Orange product page it says

"worlds first touchscreen watch phone". Err.. I may be pointing out the obvious here, but there have been watches like this floating around eBay for years. Some currrently going for half down to as low as a 10th of the price. Only difference being that this is the first to come from from a known company and that is acknowledged by a mobile network. Oh and it has 3G, what benefit is that going to be on a screen 1.42 inches across?

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Guest Olivia-s

It's a watch. It's a touchscreen phone. That it is anything but irredeemably awful to use is surely worthy of some sort of an award. The design makes me wonder if you could do a strapless version and call it a "phone puck".

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