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Problem with activesync and googlegroups

Guest popperjoe

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Guest popperjoe

Hello, I am using Outlook 2007 and until last month I was using a PDA with Pocket PC 3.0 to sync with it. I recently bought a new PDA/Phone that has Windows Mobile 6.1 and have begun syncing that with my PC, but have found a problem, which I hoped somebody out ther might be able to help me solve.

I subscribe to a number of googlegroup mailing lists and when the emails from these groups arrive in my PC inbox the "From" field in the list of emails correctly displays the author of the email, for example "Fred Bloggs". When I open the email, the "From" line is displayed as follows:

[email protected] on behalf of Fred Bloggs [[email protected]]

When I was syncing to my old PDA with Pocket PC 3.0, the inbox on the PDA displayed the authors' names correctly, as in "Fred Bloggs" and when I opened the email on the PDA it correctly displayed at the top of the email that it was from "Fred Bloggs".

However, when I now sync to my new PDA with Windows Mobile 6.1, all of the emails are listed in the inbox to be from [email protected] . All of the "On behalf of" reference has been truncated. The same applies when I open the email on the new PDA. The result of this is that it is impossible to tell who the contributor is to the discussion that is taking place.

Is this a problem that has been highlighted previously? Is there a setting in windows mobile 6.1 to change the way that it handles this "on behalf of" emails. Any help would be appreciated in trying to get Windows Mobile 6.1 to be as user friendly as Pocket PC3.0 !!!



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