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Text Input Settings issue on MOTO Q

Guest Eze Uba

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My MOTO Q does not show the iTAP settings page, instead I get an error about itapsetting.cpl.xml, which I believe is missing. I had to scour, really scour, the internet to find another copy of it from another forum like this. Now my problem is where should this file go; where should I paste it so the MOTO Q could display the Text Input Settings. Please anyone who has come across this problem and successfully solved it should offer some assistance because I just love this phone and I want it to work perfectly for me. I appreciate your kind replies to this post. Thanks in advance.

NB. Here is a copy of the itapsettings file:



		 <title lang="0x0409">Text Input Settings</title>

		 <title lang="0x0C0A">ProgramaciĆ³n de ingreso de texto</title>


	 <characteristic type="Registry">

		 <characteristic type="HKLM\System\iTAP">

			 <parm-query name="Language Dictionary" /> 

			 <parm-query name="Text Prediction" /> 

			 <parm-query name="Clear Contents" /> 




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