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HTC Leo in the real world?

Guest l3v5y

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A few images of the HTC Leo have just popped up, and even though we've known a lot about it before now, it still manages to impress me... Now it's should just be a matter of time, and almost certainly money *starts counting pennys*

More images in the full post [/teaser]


Now, to be slightly realistic, these could just be mock ups, but let us hope not!

[Via WMPoweruser.com

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Guest andybarker
It's not that thick. And it's quite a lot larger than the iPhone in the other dimensions.

If it's larger than the iPhone, then I'm not interested :)

I love my Diamond, with the exception of the on-screen keyboard taking up a huge chunk of the screen - so making emailing and texting more challenging. I think I'll probably go for the Diamond2 just for that extra screen space.

If you want a video player, then I can see the benefit of something the size of the iPhone, but that's not me (I struggle watching films / TV on my 12" laptop).

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Far to big IMO. I stopped using my Touch HD because it was too bulky to carry everywhere (especially with a protective case), yet this thing dwarfs it. It's even bigger than Nokia's new N900 "Internet Tablet"!

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Guest pd.ryder

Grumble, grumble, groan, groan!!

Geez peeps - what's up with ya? Touch HD too big? You should have tried the Vario II if you think the HD is too big. I can honestly say I've never failed to find somewhere to stash it - shirt, front jeans pocket, back pocket if I'm likely stood up all night.

Bet the next incarnation is too flat!

:) :)

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