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x1 issues

Guest mrbigstuff100

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Guest mrbigstuff100


Since i brought my xperia i have noticed a few software issues with it.

The main one being is the bluetooth disconnecting, i have read other people on the forum who have had the same issue although surprise surprise when i contacted Sony Ericsson they was not aware of the problem.

The other problem is that sometimes my contacts list disappears and i have to reboot the xperia to get them back. My shortcut contacts on the front page also dissappear and names are replaced by ????

Sometimes when i try to ring some one the phone instantly makes several beeps and disconnects dispite a full signal.

THe last thing is that places where i always recieved a singnal in the past from my old w800! now loses its signal everytime i pass them places using my xperia.

I have all the latest software updates.

Does anyone else have these problems or any of them?


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I guess there is something wrong with my keyboard. Sometimes it repeats the same character twice although i just press it once. Sometimes, although I need press the button many times to input a word. That bothers me a lot.

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Guest Mabenito
X1 has too many bugs from factory....like the problems with the 3.5mm jack and the slow reaction speed....

It honestly has...., I have :D

1. Battety issue - 24hrs maxed out without touching the thing.

2. Dailing Tone Issue - The screen black out too quickly (default)

3. Freeze, Freeze and Freeze - The phone whould make a good catch for cop. It freezes a lot...

4. Windows Update Issue - I've never updated anything, ever. It doesn't work.

5. Screen Edges - The debri on my screen edges is enough to hide a rat.

That's my X1.....

What do you have? :(

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Guest S710demon

I only experienced one freeze up to now and that was with Opera Mobile 10 Beta. Other then that no issues whatsoever.

Mine is running stock T-mo rom. Still have not found a reason to update to a custom rom.

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