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13/10 1.2 - the MoDaCo Custom ROM is here (rooted with custom Kernel with swap/netfilter + more!)

Guest PaulOBrien

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Note: This ROM is no longer being updated.

I'm pleased to present my MoDaCo Custom ROM for the Samsung i7500!

This ROM is based on the Samsung XXII5 release, the latest at the time of writing, together with my own optimisations for the best possible performance! I have tried to keep the ROM as 'stock' feeling as possible.

My key motivation for creating this ROM was firstly to enable root but secondly to provide a custom kernel with swap support, due to the limited RAM on the Galaxy.


- Rooted with 'adb remount' permission and superuser APK

- Custom kernel based on Samsung source with swap enabled (install 'swapper' from the market, I recommend a SD swap partition), netfilter enabled (working on wifi tether fix), cramfs + squashfs and much much more

- Latest build of busybox included with relevant links, also other utils such as sqlite and parted in ROM.

- Added terminfo and settings to boot.img

- Added JBed Java

- Removed files wasting space in system directory

Download link: http://content.modaco.net/i7500/1.2-update...mrom-signed.zip

If you prefer a version with the stock kernel, that is available also:

Download link: http://content.modaco.net/i7500/1.2-update...stockkernel.zip


This ROM does not include the II5 radio, as the radio cannot be flashed by update.zips. Apply II5 via Odin to get the latest radio.

The ROM is in an update.zip format for installation via the custom recovery image.

For the complete newbies, these are the steps you need to take with a 'virgin' i7500:

- Download the patched recovery image linked above and install as detailed in that post

- Download this custom ROM, and copy it to the '/sdcard' directory on the phone (actually the internal 8GB)

- Enter the recovery image (if you're not in it already) by pressing and holding 'Volume Down', then 'Green' then 'Red'

- Select 'nandroid backup' from the menu to do a backup

- If you copied the custom rom as update.zip, select 'apply sdcard:update.zip', else select the option below.

- all done

Feedback / feature requests welcome! :)

Finally, if you like the MoDaCo Custom ROMs, consider supporting MoDaCo by visiting the subscriptions page and upgrading your account.


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Fixed module versions (wifi issue resolved)


Initial Release

Paul - the title has HERO in it - is this the Hero ROM ported or the stock i7500 ROM just made faster?


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weeeee thx again paul for your custom roms

now my hero is on 2.3 and my gf galaxy on 1.1


no problems so far i'll check a few thing like wifi tether

Edited by keyra74
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found a little "problem"

it's a known bug for french users and perhaps others

this line

should be


so we can acces full market

i had to edit mine again :)

Edited by keyra74
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So after 2 days of using 1.1, i can tell your Rom is the fastest i've tested as far. Great job Paul. The best is that you removed most of unused things and myself before flashing i removed some too like launcher, sms, dialer, Ime (replaced with some custom apps). Better to keep empty of apps as possible, most of roms are full of stupids apps and need to cleaned before or after flashing. No bugs for now, i used swap too. Booting is very fast. Keep up that good Rom and don't add cheatty apps :)

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Guest darkstar2k77

Does anyone have any issues with enabling swap file using swapper?

I am using current version of swapper, with default swappiness of 10, and 32mb swap file.

My Galaxy becomes non responsive when the swap utilization is 100%.

I have experimented with decreasing swappiness and increasing swap filesize but galaxy becomes non reponsive once the swap utilization goes to 100%

Ideas and suggestions please.

Thanks, Paul for the kernel hacking for Samsung Galaxy.



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Swap doesn't run great on mine either, it's strange.

I'm currently using a swap partition on the external SD (on a class 6 microSD), it's strange... I am working on it tho!


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Guest darkstar2k77

Swap may wear down flash media fast, I would prefer to use swap on the removable media so I can swap out when it dies eventually.



Im trying to work out if we can repartition the internal SD to add a swap partition... :)


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Swap doesn't run great on mine either, it's strange.

I'm currently using a swap partition on the external SD (on a class 6 microSD), it's strange... I am working on it tho!


Hi Paul,

I have few questions and things to consider for new release if you have time.

a) browser often receive input from OS to kill loaded tabs.

if you're low on RAM and it's often on Galaxy, you open 2 heavy web pages, go to sms and back, you can find browser refreshing whole pages from the internet. it's happening even if you just leave to home app and return after few minutes without even starting anything new. Could it be fixed or workarounded by messing with init.rc?


# Define the memory thresholds at which the above process classes will

# be killed. These numbers are in pages (4k).


setprop ro.HIDDEN_APP_MIN_ADJ 7


# Define the oom_adj values for the classes of processes that can be

# killed by the kernel. These are used in ActivityManagerService.

#20MB(5120) #12MB(3072)

setprop ro.HIDDEN_APP_MEM 3072...

How is swap file handling that issue? You're saying that swap is not working well, what exactly do you mean by it? I think using only 32MB swap file won't be closely enough, I guess at least 128MB would be needed, or maybe even compcache.

B) system partition is full! - I found that I'm unable to copy any new libraries to '/system/lib', very likely on purpose.

# df -h

Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on

tmpfs 46.9M 0 46.9M 0% /dev

tmpfs 4.0M 0 4.0M 0% /sqlite_stmt_journals

/dev/block/mtdblock1 87.5M 87.5M 0 100% /system

/dev/block/mtdblock2 1.3M 1.1M 120.0k 91% /userdata

/dev/block/mmcblk0p1 944.9M 131.9M 803.4M 14% /data

/dev/block/mtdblock5 35.8M 1.5M 34.2M 4% /dbdata

/dev/block/mtdblock4 87.5M 4.0M 83.5M 5% /cache


6.6G 2.1G 4.5G 31% /sdcard

It would be nice if you could merge /system with /data into / partition or something similar so we can push more libs inside :)

c) I5 version of firmware came out so it would be nice to merge it into your custom ROM



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Installed it today, works great so far. Hope you continue to do newer builds :D

A feature request, if possible, can you make an option that allows you to have 3/5/7 home screens? 3 are fine, but a little tight when you fill it up :)

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This ROM includes the XXIH8 radio, but I am not 100% sure whether the script is installing it properly (I was already on XXIH8 radio)... any feedback would be appreciated.

Hello Paul,

I attempted to direcly upgrade an IG1 with this ROM, but Radio is still stuck to IG1 although the upgrade goes without error.

The phone application is now crashing all the time and prevent phone usage. Any idea ?

Do you know if IPv6 is into the kernel (ip address does not display any fe80 addresses at this time) ?

Thanks & Regards,



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Anyone noticed that it says 'Drag down to unlock or place an emergency call' on the lock screen? I thought this was only if there was no coverage or the wrong SIM?

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Guest livingcode


Im new in android rooting, costum ROMs and stuff. I have some questions...

If I install this costum rom on my galaxy, how will I get updates (for ROM of course)? Does it have an internal uploader app? Do I always need to flash newer version over? What will happen with my apps/settings if I flash it over? Do I always need to do backup?

Thank You for help! I appreciate it!

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