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Xperia Phantom SMS

Guest galvheim

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Hi all,

For a couple of weeks now I have had an annoying trouble with my Xperia. I guess this is common to most phones using Windows Mobile, and it simply has to do with the SMS counter getting messed up by some bug caused by a combination of alerts showing up while receiving, deleting or closing a SMS, MMS or e-mail.

In my case it showed that I had 1 new SMS, allthough there was no new SMS to be found. After backing up my SMS's, I tried deleting one thread one by one looking for where it might reside and when the alert would dissaperar. But unfortunately it resided even after all my messages had been erased. Only the option of Clearing all Messages was able to remove the notification. But of course that was not an option , so I restored the backup looking for a better sollution.

Other programs like FixUnreadCount.exe did not work either. Going into the registry and alter some keys there did only work until my next message, then notifying me of 2 new messages. Going into the Windows CE Databases, as described in various post regarding this topic, and deleting a record named UnreadCount-SMS under pmailNamedProps did not work either.

Allmost going crazy about this, and considering deleting all my messages, I finally found a tool that helped me and my Xperia, namley:

Inbox-Extender.cab wich will add two new menu items in any Inbox or similar, in your messages-folders. These are "Mark all as read" and "Delete all messages". In my case it was the Mark all as read, wich helped me out without resetting og changing keys or deleting records. It found my phantom message and marked it read, thus removing the notification and making me very happy with my Xperia again.

Hope this will work for others who experience the same problem.



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