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Top 10 Symbian Apps And What They Offer

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Top 10 Symbian Apps And What They Offer

I know I have not done any much news toward software due to lack of mobile phone running Symbian OS. However I've come across another website where they listed the top 10 Symbian Applications, so I thought I'd share this with you all.

They are:
  1. Google Search Client - Google Client is a program that integrates with your devices idle screen. By typing in searches in the provided box Google can access the internet, find your queries and display the necessary information.

  2. Nokia Email Service - The program essentially offers connections between popular email clients such as GMail, Yahoo! Mail, and ISP email accounts. Users can also access their Microsoft Exchange Server Accounts, while handling both POP and IMAP account alike.

  3. Fring - Fring is one of the best Voip and Data chat programs available for any Mobile platform. The program allows users to make VOIP calls when WiFi is available, or to utilize their data plan for voice and text based chatting.

  4. Google Maps - With Google Maps users can find Points Of Interest (POI's), receive Turn-By-Turn Directions, and even search local businesses and call them by clicking on the selected business phone number.

  5. Nokia Sports Tracker - For the fitness enthusiast with built-in GPS capabilties there are few programs as good as Nokia Sports Tracker. With this program Runners, Cyclists, and even Walkers can track their average speeds, the altitude at which they are travelling, the total distance they've gone and much more.

  6. Nokia Podcasting - With this very useful program users can add, delete and overall manage their podcasts directly from their Symbian Based devices. You can download your favorite podcasts directly to your phone via either WiFi connectivity or using your devices mobile data connection.

  7. ShoZu - Do you create a lot of videos and photos and upload them to popular portals such as YouTube and Flickr? If you do, you'll love ShoZu. With this useful Symbian application, users can tag, categorize, and upload their media to the portals of their choice.

  8. Handy TaskMan - Taking a note from the Microsoft Windows front, Handy TaskMan allows users to open a taskbar and examine which applications are running on their device at any given time.

  9. Opera Mini - Opera Mini allows users to easily zoom in and out on pages which means you can view the pages as they were meant to be seen. Opera Mini also offers faster page load rendering than other mobile browsers, and offers a download and upload manager, while also offering the ability to save pages to offline mode for viewing at a later time.

  10. Agile Messenger - Agile allows users to connect to MSN Messenger, AIM, Yahoo! and Wireless Village IM programs. The program takes advantage of T9 texting which will greatly speed up your IM times, while also offering a data counter so you'll always known how many kilobytes you save, send and receive.
You can view the full article by visitng the article in question.

So what about you? What 10 applications do you have installed on your phone? Do share with us! :)
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