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FPU Enabler

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Do you know, what FPUenabler have done when you've clicked on 'patch' and he say's 'ALLKMODE enabled'?

Without this 'ALLKMODE' S3Clock don't starts - and when FPUenabler don't starts (on all newer 6.5.x Roms :P ) you can't use S3Clock too :) :(

Isn't there a way to patch these ALLKMODE without FPUenabler (havn't found a solution yet)?

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Omnia II (NXXJH1).

When FPU Enabler isn't running:

Int: 516.1245 moves/25 usec

FPU: 10.345 MWIPS

When FPU Enabler is running:

Int: 632.3864 moves/25 usec

FPU: 72.067 MWIPS

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Interesting results, that seems pretty hard work, but Please someone to proove the benefits (youtube video would be great) Games w/out FPU Enabler. i'm running asasins creed so crappy, NFS laggy, every nice game is LAGGGGGY.

I've seen only results in SKT but only numbers, that's it. If there's some noticeble results in games I'm sure someone would've been posted already some videos.

Bad conclusion! :D

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