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Top 10 Symbian Themes

Guest tsutton

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Guest tsutton
Top 10 Symbian Themes

Each time I get a new mobile phone - no matter what type of phone - I always set a theme to customise it to my needs. Sometime the in-built theme has good themes, but at other times, it's a bit boring. So what do you need to do?

Of course, you get on the internet and find a good theme to download and put it on your phone! :)

From AreaCellphone.com - here are the Top 10 Symbian Themes for your mobile phones that you can download.
  1. Greenery theme
  2. Animated Clock
  3. Long Bridge
  4. Green Mountain
  5. Animated Meter
  6. Milan iPhone
  7. Poster Road
  8. Ronaldo
  9. Green Theme
  10. Nature Night

Just download it to your computer then copy it to your phone using the data cable or via Bluetooth to install it. Select it in Theme Manager, stand back and admire the new theme on your mobile phone.

For full screenshots and to download the themes you can do so at AreaCellphone.com
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