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How safe is your mobile phone?

Guest tsutton

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Guest tsutton
How safe is your mobile phone?

A group called The Environmental Working Group has publishd a reported about the level of radiation coming out of the mobile phones - and they say it's pretty high! :)

Handsets from high profile manufacturers such as BlackBerry and Motorola might be beaming out higher levels of radiation than those of some of their peers, says a recently published report.

The ranking of more than 1200 mobile phones was published online by The Environmental Working Group to draw attention to the issue of mobile-phone safety, which is the subject of vigorous debate among scientists.

The group ranked phones according to their radiation emissions. Topping the list was Motorola's Moto VU204, while BlackBerrys featured heavily at the top of the smartphone category. Four other Motorola handsets featured in the top 10, while the two lowest radiation emitters were the Samsung Impression and the Motorola RAZR V8.

Yikes! That's a bit scary... considering the number of people who use Blackberry for business use. A quick search on Google tells me there are 50 millions Blackberry sold!

Mmm, fried brain...

[Via: The Sydney Morning Herald]
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