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IMAG to Date - Camera Utility

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IMAG to Date renames image files, JPG, GIF, and BMP to Date Formatted filenames, MMddyyyyHHmm_RID (R.I.D. Random ID). The dates are based on the Date when the file is created.

You’ll probably hate the way Camera application saves the image file, which was “IMAG####.jpg”. This kind of naming will cause a problem when backing up the image files in your PC/MAC specially when the file already exists in your backup drive but different picture, the only thing you could do is to rename the file in your mobile device. For example, you have “IMAG0050.jpg” in your mobile phone and you want to move that in your PC/MAC but a file “IMAG0050.jpg” already exists but has different picture? Probably the first thing you’ll do is to rename “IMAG0050.jpg” in your mobile device into something different.

Now to make things easier, IMAG to Date is created to help from that problem.

New Version Released for NETCF 3.5

IMAG to Date 2.5

Sep. 13, 2005


- Can customize supported extension

- File list sorted

- Enable/Disable Notifications


- Checked items, shown first in file list.


- error occuring on a file with no extension

visit my blog post for more information and more screen shots!


alternative link


if you found anything. please let me know ..

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