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Windows Live for Windows Mobile gets an update

Guest vinaymanro

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Guest vinaymanro

Its been close to 9 months since the last update of Windows Live for Windows Mobile. Finally some key features have been added which should increase its usage. Particularly interesting to me is the integration with social networking sites.

  • Windows Live Home - an entirely new feature!
    • View you and your friends "What's new" feed from Windows Live and other major 3rd party social networking sites.
    • View Windows Live photos and comment
    • Upload photos to Windows Live and other 3rd party sites through integration with the new My Phone client
    • View your Windows Live people
    • Update your status and accept network invitations from others
    • Improvements and Updates like
      • Entirely new launcher screen
      • Significant touch investments that shine with new Windows Mobile 6.5 devices
      • Bing search integration
      • Abuse reporting
      • Automatic uninstall of previous versions
      • Virtual memory improvement and reduced installation file size through client refactoring

    We're very proud of the new features and improvements in this new client and we can't wait for you to start using it! To obtain the latest version, you have a couple choices:

      [*]Browse on your mobile device to

      http://wl.windowsmobile.com [*]Use Windows Marketplace for Mobile on your Windows® phone [*]Visit the Microsoft Download center http://www.microsoft.com/downloads and search for "Windows Live for Windows phone"

      For me this is a step in the right direction for Microsoft, now they need to sort out their facebook application and ensure it has a tight integration with the core of Windows Mobile, eg contacts.
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Guest jackdaniel

i've just tried and works perffetc, and yes this is a big step forward, there are some little thing to get inproved yet like selecting more than 1 picture at a time to share online, upload to photos-live (while not using the sync mode that sync the folder). now as vinaymanro said, we wait for a deeper integration with facebook,contacts and for the facebook app to include chat mode or viewing someone pictures to see them in thumb mode not 1 by 1 fullscreen, will be better to select what to see, good for those without big dataplans like me...

:) good inprovements for WL !!

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