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Windows Marketplace for Mobile (for PC, WM6.0)

Guest l3v5y

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Thanks to Maarten Sonneburg (Microsoft Netherlands) some light has been shone on the lack of programs in marketplace, and a release time for WM6.0 marketplace has been announced.

A "geo selector" will allow for users to pick a different location so that it's possible to purchase applications from other locales if desired. This may just be in a Marketplace for desktop PCs, as it's not clear from the post.

In Phase 2 (planned for late November / early December) Marketplace will also launch a PC environment. Then the user from other countries will be able to choose applications from other countries because of the so-called geo selector for the catalog eg U.S. users will be able to choose from and English-language apps released in other countries for downloaded. Then there will also be hundreds of apps, paid and free. Also nice is that in Phase 2 Marketplace for Windows Mobile 6.0 and 6.1 devices will be made available. Then the users of these devices will be able to download applications.

Hopefully, phase 2 will also include some security (rather than the non existent "protection" currently there)...
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Guest agent.m

if its due an official 6.5 upgrade then it should have it. I know theres a 6.5 rom for xperia. anyways i've seen EA games on the ie Tiger Wood and the sims. So we have progress :) Just waiting for Fifa 10 lol

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