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Toshiba 6.5 Rom Available Now! (Finally!)

Guest Medved77

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They want to, but they did? I've never read that windows mobile 6.5 was driving this capability. I guess this will be a funcition to carry at Windows Mobile 7.

yeah, I have a suspicion we're not gonna see any updates past this one. This article gave me some hope.but I guess 6.5.1 will be an update for capacitive screens (i'd kill for the replaced start menu and better programs menu tho) that will not make it to our TG01s.

Will we see any 6.x updates to Windows Mobile before the release of WM 7?

DW: There will be service packs for Windows Mobile that we'll be releasing. There will be things like new hardware with capacitive screens coming down from some companies, and we can exploit that by tweaking the OS to allow Windows Mobile to have capacitive touch.

But essentially for the end user, 6.5 is the release, and there will be some minor maintenance updates for OEMs. Is there a major release or another update will be made known to consumers? No, it will only be tweaks.

Apple do very good job [in hyping up incremental firmware updates], they release a new version of the firmware and it's got cut and paste in it, which we had for years, and the media love it.

excerpt from an interview with a member of the winmo team, doesnt sound too promising to me.


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Guest Alexandru2312
Mine it's on Orange Ro and none of the curent upgrades work.

I have the same problem with my TG01...Can you tell me if there will be a variant that will work for us?

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Guest xdalover
it is on my tg01 6.5 already installed when i got it tho but doubt that will make a difference

Two months after the first Orange UK WM6.5, Toshiba has just launched the Spanish version (Movistar) Alleluia!!!

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