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[WM6.5 Omnia 2] Customising the WM6.5 lockscreen and other default screens

Guest emperorben

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My CallerID & LockScreen:

After several days of using the edited cab, it became clear that is not convenient to press for reduced slider response and rebound, so i returned them to default size, and that information about Caller (without photos) are not lost, removed the picture at all. In my opinion it became even better.

In this cab pictures and sliders are always displayed, regardless of the phone is locked or not.

At the same time has changed a little bit kind of lock (done for myself).

P.S. For those who do not use another shell: If you want that photo was of good quality (not blurry), install any software to view images (tested on resco photo manager and s2v) and use this software to put photo on the contact. Thank SRG222

Sorry my English

I use this CallerID & LockScreen and "sms" and "missed call" slider are over the Clock. How I can make them below "unlock" slider ?


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