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ok so theres alot of competition , we got the windows mobile , now we got android , then we got a few others as well in the market . i see alot of phones comming out with the android OS now ? does this mean windows mobile is loosing out on the race? also how do phone manufactures like samsung , htc etc decide which to OS to go for . is it because android is the in thing now so they choose to go for android ? does this mean we will see lesser phones comming with WINMO ? i would like to know this concept its been on my mind for something :) ;)

also say if htc has 288 MB RAM, 512 MB ROM and omnia i900 has 128 mb ram and 256 rom but the htc has 528 mhz processor and the omnia has 630mhz processor does tht mean omnia is superior even though it has less ram and rom . some people say that . why ?

no bashing of any OS please( like sayin winmo sucks) .. not needed just if you could purely stick to the para above :( . arigato friends

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