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HD2 anticipation is at a fever pitch!!

Guest philly-d

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Guest philly-d
It's all kicking off in the O2 forums!

As you'll probably notice people seem to be getting a little excited over the HTC HD2, evidenced in this HTC HD2 thread.

The device, which appears in the O2's October catalogue, was expected to arrive initially on the 12th, then on the 19th, and is currently seeing its rumoured launch date disappearing into November.

As it has become more delayed the thread has exploded and is currently filled with despondent people planning to jump ship to the first carrier who manages to launch it. Tempers have been further inflamed by conflicting reports from customer service representatives who can't seem to agree when the device will actually arrive.

Another concern is that no-one from O2 has responded yet to confirm a launch date. I guess they can't win, it they announce a date and it slips, there'll be complaints, and if they don't know, or the date is too far away, there'll also be grumbles.

Read the thread here (note it's 35 pages at the moment!)

[Via WMPoweruser]
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Guest Sonicr360

Typical WM device .... no fixed date..... delays..... after delays..... after delays....

And then you wonder why people get fed up and hacked off over this sort of issue?

and 3-6 months down the line.... do not worry.... because it will be replaced again :) With a new "add-on" OS - 6.5.3 perhaps :(

Its a joke, a complete utter joke !

Hope the device lives up to everyones expectations though - HTC are normally pretty good. For me, it just seems a tad too big.

And it runs Windows?

Came across another iPhone unlocked jailbroken device.... gosh the display and quality of the graphics on some demos is amazing. Even watching Terminator 3 was clear - so crystal clear, and no stuttering.

Lets hope there are good things to come in the next 12 months ;)

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