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Guest tacchan23

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Guest Darius P.
sorry.. i installed the v2 theme for throttle launcher and i'm having the white squares problem in every text area.. i used the latest opengl drivers, but still have the same problem.. it seems you dont have that problem.. in xda seems that more people with omnia 2 have that problem.. you don´t have it.. i would like to know why, or how you dont have that.. have you made something special.. or not..? lol


Nothing special. Maybe problem in rom ver. ? I am using latest oficial JJ1 rom.

Did you:

flashplayer 7 installed?

NET.CF 3.5 installed?

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Guest dgyahn
again with this dgyahn :( just kidding

Have you heard anything about the 3.0 WVGA version?

Yeah, I can't help myself. :( They are working on the WVGA version but no ETA yet.

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Guest dgyahn
Hi.. Can you share the wallpaper.. It looks nice and fit the screen.. Thank you.. :(

Here you go. With and without the icons.



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Guest LuizFabri


Using Condor GT theme. (Format C:// 03/07/2011)

Changed menu to old style, better than finger-friendly!!

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Guest andkim

Rom 6.5.3 / JI1

Lite rom από Rapid

SpbMobileShell 3.5.5

MSKIP DOC 3000 DroidPro V2.2 WVGA (Spb skin)

Spb Time

Spb Wireless Monitor

Ginger lock 2.3




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