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Phone Imaging-System Wide Backup-Memory Copier

Guest Snickasaurus

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Guest Snickasaurus

I use Acronis on my Windows PC's and Linux machines to make backups of the way things are, in working order. I used UMDL_Omnia to "Image" the phone to a cooked ROM. Or maybe it just read what was in the image and installed from that...I'm not quite sure how this all works yet as I've only just began to play around with phone software. So is there a way to do this or are my dreams too far into the clouds? It would just be really schweet to have a single .bin or .iso file I can keep of the way things are RIGHT now on my phone. Thanks in advance for the replies.


-I did a search of "phone imaging","phone memory copying","create backup of phone" and so on and so forth. Haven't yet found what I'm looking for so I thought I'd post something and maybe get the right minds churning with drive and ambition on making something that will do this. :-)

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