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The official HTC HD2 'Ask Paul' thread

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest GodsGift
Hi Paul.

I would be glad if you could perform the Excel test I specified in my post here:


(The last post on the topic, as for the time Im posting this message)

Many thanks in advance.

see previous post to yours....

"the device had to be returned to HTC"

Although a couple of people on here already have their own (am sooooo jealous) so ask them to test!


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Guest Simo2001

Hi Paul - the video was excellent... and very long!

I've read about the missing option to add the user name which effects the use of software which requires this. I think I remember you saying on the video that this could be sorted out. could you explain how to do this?

I have a prerder unit coming soon (hopefully) and will need to use some of my existing software.

Hope you can help!

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