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Orange gives cash for old mobiles

Guest tsutton

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Guest tsutton
Orange gives cash for old mobiles

It is estimated that there are two-thirds of UK households that have old mobiles lying around which equates to approximately 90 million handsets worth around £450m.

With the credit crunch, it could be a good way to get some of the money back!

Mobile phone operator Orange has launched a gadget recycling scheme.

It is offering the public the chance to earn money from their unwanted mobile phones, laptops and personal music players.

Under the Recycle and Reward scheme, members of the public can bring their electronic goods to an Orange store and will receive a range of cash rewards.

A recycled Nokia N95 can fetch up to £85 while a Sony Ericsson C905 could make £95.

Time to open up your drawers, move out of your pants, socks, etc to find your old mobile phone and get some money back! :D

Has anyone used this service? If so, what did you return and how much money has you made from it?

[Via: BBC News Technology]
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