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Do you want to use Spotify on your Windows Mobile?

Guest vinaymanro

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Guest vinaymanro

Well now you just about can. This is not released by Spotify, but rather a budding developer over at xda-developers.

The application will allow you to stream audio using the Spotify service, directly on your handset, using your favourite media player (that supports OGG).


> The .NET 2.0 Compact Framework (which should come with Windows Mobile 6.0 and above as standard)
> A Premium Spotify Account (register at http://www.spotify.com)
> A media player that supports the ogg audio format (eg. CorePlayer)

Remember if streaming over a data connection (GPRS, Edge, 3G), then bear in mind this app will use ALOT of data, so an unlimited data plan is recommended.

Head on over to xda-developers to download the latest release.

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