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fpsece 0.1 g-sensor support on tg01!!! and more !!!

Guest hamido123

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Guest xdalover

tg01 with ps1 emulator ....speed is amazing.....

and it is possible to combine buttons....and to use gsensor!!!

cant wait for release!!!

Amazing!!! Download? WHEN?! WHERE?!! WHO the author is ??

Congratulations! The first serious development seen on TG01 sensor!!!!!!

EDITED: I've just realised that the artist is one of us, Monsieur i900frenchaddict: CHAPEAU! Waiting news about your FPSEce (psx emulator) 0.10 beta testing on Samsung Omnia and Toshiba TG01

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Guest i900french-addict

Yes yes, I'm just the beta tester!

Schtruck and LDchen are the (genius) developers.

For the "WHEN" question: Almighty Bob is currently making the last overlays (what you can see on my 2 last videos, they did not exist before) that will allow to play most gamesvwithout external gamepad or hardware keyboard. That's all Schtruck is waiting for release

(While waiting, Schtruck found compatibility problems with some devices, example: fpsece 0.10 was not working on LDchen 2 different devices. He had to fix it because he wants it to be compatible with almost every device.)

Thanks Hamido123 for posting the links to my last vids, I usually post them here, but don't know why, I had forgotten!

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Guest die_Leuchte
I hope it comes out soon... I feel like wasting my snapdragon waitting for it.

Pleeeeeze releaaaazzzee it sooon :)

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