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26/Jan 2.2 - MoDaCo Custom ROM for Sprint CDMA Hero (now with online kitchen)

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest Valnomien
Im getting the exact same issue! IDK whats wrong! Ive wiped everything! if its not that, it says there is an issue with the mail app or something like that. :lol:

I had the same issues with the newest ota for my evo and the way I fixed it was updating Amon_Ra to v1.80 at first I thought it was because the MD5 hash did not match but in the end updating the custom recovery did the trick

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Guest cipherswitch

I'm running into the same issue (sortof), I got past the error when flashing but after flashing its stuck in a constant reboot. I can flash to any other rom (cyanogen, stock sprint or ANYTHING else) but this rom will not work. PERIOD. I feel kinda ripped off after having paid for the kitchen access.

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Guest Gregory McNeal-Smith

Hi Paul,

I'm a newbie here. Not sure if I just don't understand how to use the on line kitchen to select custom rom features I want or if the page is somehow broken. I was given to understand that by supporting ad-free I would gain access to the on line kitchen. I show up as an ad-free user when I sign in. After selecting the features I want for my custom rom, when I get to the bottom of the page, there is supposed to be a "bake it" graphic button, but it is not present. Instead there is text "<% BAKEBUTTON %>" , however clicking it does not seem to result in any action at all. Please help. I have disabled any restrictions on this page in my browser, but that did not cause the button to appear or work for me either.

Thank you,


The MoDaCo Custom Custom ROM 2.2 for CDMA Hero online kitchen is now available!

The online kitchen is currently only available to my MoDaCo premium members (those who have signed up to MoDaCo Ad Free or MoDaCo Plus) as it is not yet running on an infrastructure that can support a huge number of users. This will be the case for the foreseeable future as the kitchen system is developed.

With that said, for those who can test the kitchen, enjoy! :) This technology will be coming to other ROMs and will also be available for other ROM creators to use via our Chef's Team.


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