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HTC Support Experiences

Guest vinaymanro

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Guest vinaymanro

HTC have been manufacturing handsets for sometime now, and have now begun to forge into the mainstream with their own adverts. They are pushing their products, and making the HTC brand known.

Many companies have pushed sales, and not backed this up with increased support services. Now we don't know this is the case with HTC, but we would like to know your experience of HTC's support services.

Have you phoned HTC for support?
Have you emailed HTC for support?
Have you sent a handset to HTC for repair/exchange?

If you answered "yes" to one of the above questions, please let us know your experience. Positive or Negative, we want to know if HTC's support is good or bad. If HTC want to become a big mobile manufacturer the support must be top class.
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I have emailed (or actually used the online support form) of the HTC EU support when my Touch Diamond was new. One of the worst support experiences ever. My issues were some bugs I ran into, which may (or may not - as I never really found out) be related either to the localized version of Windows, or to TouchFlo3D.

First of all, it was hard having the support guy really understand what the issue was, and that it was not caused by a setting. Then I was told he's waiting for a reply from technicians (which never came). When I tried to check the status, the ticket was automatically closed by their support system due to inactivity. Funny thing was, I had to open a new ticket, explain almost everything from the start, so I asked if they can re-open the ticket. The support guy told me, sounding a bit insulted, that once something is closed, it obviously cannot be re-opened. Which indicates that they're either not wishing to be helpful, or they have a really useless web support system.

I'm a software developer, and part of my responsibilities is also answering 2nd tier customer support (when things get too complicated for non-programmers). So I know how hard this can be. But automatically closing tickets this way, and being unable to re-open them? Crazy...

Since then I gave up on them. Non of the issues is critical, and their support is a waste of time anyway. Later I upgraded to SPB Mobile Shell, which has the same issue as TF3D (related to CLIR, and the GSM setting which allows you to disclose your number only to people in your phonebook). They knew what I was talking about, and answered it is not supported. Even with this answer, I was much more happy that I actually received an answer from them.

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Had issue with Hero. phoned htc and spoke to a fab women who solved problem.

I could say that i speak with HTC support via email pretty often, most of my 'PC' time i used to betatest/debug applications various scripts, etc....

so my emails are mostly bug reports, ideas, etc

well to the real thing, i usually speak to the guy named Mike from europe htc support, he did reply to the most of my questions, etc but i could say i am giving a htc support "thumb down" because htc is probably greatly limiting informations they wanna release to the public, so all my questions about updates etc = 0 points

as Mike said, he added all of my bug reports to the htc "test list", but thats far how it goes, and until this problems gets resolved = 0 points

but i must admit, he helped me with one problem (not 100%) but he showed me the right direction and my google skills did payed out :)

so thats about it :D

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Guest nevawlkalone

Had the motherboard problem that seemed to be apparent with the Touch HD from the early ones.

Phoned up, explained my problem had the dog and bone back within 5 days with new motherboard. Polite woman on the phone and apologetic letter on return. Better than most Cust.Care i have used.


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I dont have a good experience with them. My Touch Pro 2 stopped working 2 or 3 months ago, and I rang HTC, and the following happened:

1. They arranged a time for a courier to collect the phone.

2. The courier failed to turn up

3. They re-arranged another time

4. They picked up the phone, and emailed me saying it would take 2 weeks to repair

5. After 2 weeks I phoned them and they told me the phone had water damage (because of a sticker on the outside that had gone slightly red), and they wouldnt repair it. They also complained about having HardSPL on it (but with the offical OS rom)

6. I told them there was no way it was water damaged, and it was none of their business what software i flashed on it.

7. They said they would look into it and get back to me.

8. I chased it a week or 2 later, and they said they wouldnt change their mind

9. I wrote them a letter threatening small claims court, and waited weeks and weeks

10. They contacted me and said in fact they would repair the phone, and that it /wasnt/ water damage that caused the problem, and promised a delivery a few weeks ago

11. The delivery didnt happen

12. I chased again, and again, and they kept promising it would arrive soon

13. It came back. Unrepaired, with a letter saying they wouldnt repair it

14. contacted HTC again, they agreed it was a cock up, and would send a courier to pick it up again today.

15. Courier arrived, and it went back to HTC today (13/11/09).

16. Waiting again...

Their service is awful. It should have been a simple pick up and repair job, but it took 15 actions (so far) to get anything to happen. To be fair to them, they are polite, and apologetic about it (unlike Vodafone who are a**holes).

Also, a mate at work sent off a Touch HD and had a similar experience (returned unrepaired, then returned repaired but with a scratched up screen, then finally returned fixed).

They really need to pull their socks up if they are gonna compete with Apple and Android and Nokia Maemo... this will be the last year that HTC have the best phones in terms of specs - the Milestone looks kinda nice, as does the n900


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Guest DunKnow

I own a HTC Dream, i have a pretty bad and good experience with HTC after services. I do admit i am in the wrong to send the phone in when i had a hacked ROM in the Dream. HTC refuse to repair my faulty keyboard for me, however my phone is only like 5 months old.

I had my phone sent in for one whole week and then when i returned for it, they said i had a third party rom installed, the third party rom has damaged my keyboard and the warranty is void, i have to pay the repair materials and workmanship charges. Eventually i tried to argue my way out, i called the headquater and finally came to a solution.

The solution is HTC would repair my phone for the first and final time, they will then void my warranty. I would say this solution is pretty fair for both parties.

In the end i have my phone reparied and sent straight to my house free of charge.

HTC has DONE a GOOD job in solving problems and repairing my phone, however on the downside, my phone was left at their service centre for one month.

Conclusion, i would still go for HTC phones and support them.

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Guest timeline

called few times with static issues on polaris while charging and listening. after a few techs they said couldn't fix it, and just not to do it. strangely cousin's touch (1) had no such issues.

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I called them once. I had bricked my G1 updating the ROM. The person on the other end of the line had do some some digging but eventually came back and said that a main board replacement was the only way. I ended up getting the main board replaced locally for $100 CDN. HTC wanted over $300 US plus shipping. So the info was accurate, staff was pleasant and informed, but price was high to repair it.

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