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how to disable activesync

Guest leline

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but how to disable activesync .shall I disable the from the activesync software or from mobile device?plz tell me actually I am new.

If your phone is in boot mode, you don't have anything with activesync from phone. The activesynck from your computer it have to bee stop. You can do that by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL end from the process section stop the "wcescomm.exe" process. You will see that the activesync grey icon from taskbar is disappear, that meens that active sync is off.

P.S. My opinion is that you need to read some posts to learn the basics of this process because you can brick your phone. Ther is many treat's about upgrading Samsung i600 you have a rich data base to learn and is no hurry.

Here's some links:



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Guest thekevster

to disable from device, just change the usb connection mode to storage card or my storage

to disable from computer go to activesync and click file -> connection settings and uncheck the box that says allow usb connections. your phone will still charge when connected this way, there will just be no syncing and no data transfer between comp and phone.

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