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Don't try this at home either (HTC HD2 Drop Test)

Guest philly-d

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Guest Sonicr360

Hmmmm.... Well yes, that is very, very good.... you can DROP IT and read it upside down!

Very nice.

Maybe he can perform a scratch test (using a nice sharp blade) or a Drill test to see if it survives with a hole?

maybe its made out of the same shell that was used on K.I.T.T in Knight Rider perhaps?

maybe a book can be released .... 500 ways to use your new HTC HD2 device for dummies?

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Throw it on Cement floor ..........lolxXx. :)

And face down!

Those laminate floors are unreal, our local club put it in to stop people smashing the glasses. My friend put a bet on to see if we could smash a glass on the floor, we lost! they just rebound it was freaky.

A real test would be on concrete!!

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Guest paThaLim

I really agree to test drop it on concrete.

floors like that is kinda bouncy and I also saw the picture in the xda forums, cracked screen.

or maybe needs more altitude, 10 feet maybe???

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