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Nokia to cull Symbian in 2012

Guest tsutton

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Guest tsutton
Nokia to cull Symbian in 2012

Nokia is saying that they will replace Symbian with their new Maemo Linux by the year 2012. Could it be the end of Symbian OS? Perhaps not...

All high-end N series multimedia devices will be running the Linux OS by then. Rubbing salt in the wounds of longtime Epoc developers, it disclosed the news to a meetup of Maemo enthusiasts – Ben Smith reports at The Really Mobile Project blog. X series and E series devices will continue to run Symbian OS – at least for the time being.

It isn’t such a surprise. At NokiaWorld in September, Nokia confirmed in public and in private that Maemo was the bedrock for future high-end devices, with Symbian downgraded to a “workhorse” smartphone OS for the midrange. Only a fortnight earlier, Nokia had strenuously denied the strategy. So much for honest community relations.

I'm not sure if Nokia is making the right move because Symbian has been around for many years. Everyone are used to it. They know how it works and is "standard" to them.

However they did say they're keeping Symbian OS for low end phones, while using Maemo Linux for hight end phones.

Will the change of operating system affect their future sales?

[Via: The Register]
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