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Liquid rooting effort - DONE!

Guest PaulOBrien

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Let's work together to get the device rooted! :D

My early discoveries...

- You can enter what seems to be the bootloader by powering on with 'camera' held down, however fastboot doesn't see the device

- ADB doesn't see the device by default, you have to edit adb_usb.ini in ~/android/ and add the line '0x0502', then it works after restarting the adb server

- asroot2 doesn't work

- instantroot.apk doesn't work

Anything to add peoples? :(


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OK, so i've got fastboot to see the device by doing the following (which is just trying to flash any old boot.img)...

'fastboot -i 0x0502 boot boot.img'

It looks like it's a locked bootloader as that fails. :D


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