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No protected apps

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest rob_turner_uk
Gah, this always seems to happen when phones are 'new'... I don't see my protected apps (like Twidroid Pro for example) for download in the market yet! ;)


Yep its happened to me. The only way I can view protected / paid for apps is to change the google account, but then you cannot use the apps you paid for. Do you think its a bug with Google or they are blacklisting peeps with rooted phones for copy protection?

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If you're running 1.002.05 stock firmware then it very likely hasn't been fixed at least a month after the build was released. I complained twice to Acer about this, first time hitting a stone wall of customer support ignorance and second time (when I told them what needed to be done rather than complaining I couldn't use the market) I eventually got the following response:

Thank you for contacting Acer UK. I apologize for delay in response e-mail .

We thank you for the information provided ,this would definitely help us in enhancing the product . We will try to forward it to the concerned department as this issue is to be dealt with production level.

We appreciate your interest for sending us e-mail and will be glad to assist you further to the extent possible.

I gave up, installed 1.008.00, rooted and hacked the fingerprint while waiting for them to respond.

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