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Screen brightness / dimming

Guest mattyf

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Just got this phone today and it's completely amazing, although I couldn't be anything less than impressed over the £10 Samsung phone I've been using since I got here a few months ago.

Only a couple of issues so far though, got a few forced closures and probably the most strange of all is the screen dims and goes bright randomly - Paul, have you seen this? Any tests I can do to trace the problem? Seems to be a software issue though as playing with the settings shows the screen is capable of reaching 100% brightness.

There seems to be so much to do, I literally can't choose what to play with next. Probably for the best - since I'm still at work ;)


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Guest vmlinuz

Settings->Sound & Display->Enable Light Sensor

One of the less-publicised things about this phone is that it has both a light sensor and a proximity sensor, unlike most (at least most older) Android devices. It's adjusting the brightness to the ambient light - but you can turn it off if you want to.

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