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2.0 on the horizon ?

Guest Rocky7

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Yeah maybe, find this all a bit funny, the video they use from techoloshree i posted a load of comments on, mostly things that ive read here in these forums and what ive picked up along the way. I mentioned in the comments that there were reports that the liquid would get 2.0 in 2010 from earlier articles (see pocketnow), and he seemed to comment on this in the follow up video yesterday evening, it could of been someone else I dont know.

Personally I believe that it will get 2.0 in 2010. However what funny is that this chap got a Acer liquid, created an account a couple of days ago. Has no prior Android background or blogging background (from what i know of), and its being reported that its almost like an inside scoop.

Just find it kinda funny! ;)

role on 2.0!

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Guest pete.major
wouldnt trust that for one second. know ppl who mailed acer which said it will be available. so yes we will have 2.0 for sure

Well that is good news. To be honest, the one thing that made me hesitate before buying this phone was that it's a big unknown about Acer providing upgrades.

HTC are providing upgrades for phones like the Hero and on top of that there is a massive hacking/modding community. I'm not sure if this phone will have enough sales to hit that critical mass. Like the Pulse...

I bought it anyway though and it is a brilliant phone ;-)

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