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FLashing info and the links to extracted boot.img and recovery.img

Guest hdubli

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WHile i was flashing the latest 1.004 EN ROM to A1, i found that the bin file is extracted by the download tool and hence i grab the opportunity to get all the files in the ROM.

As of now recovery and boot.img are uploaded.Later wil upload system.img as well

Update tool first back up NV data, then flashes the mbm file in downloade mode.

TO flash the .img images it uses the fastboot and simple fast boot commands.

I think with this info it is possible to flash only system.img or recovery.img using fast boot mode

I hope, this helps for further hacking or a custom revovery image,which will enable and open lot of options on A1.

Dl lInks : http://www.mediafire.com/?fmaq2vmixil


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I extracted just the system image from the update and flashed over my ship ROM, retained superboot, no wipe. All seems to work OK, is marked as a ru_test but all OK so far?

I'll create a repository of discovered ROMs next week.


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