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Paul please help with getting HK rom to work

Guest oneu

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Hi Paul, according to your post in another topic you got the HK rom to work on your brittish liquid. When I put the Rom on my Liquid the Home keeps Force closing. Please help ;)

What I did so far.

1 Hard Reset (hold down both volume buttons and then power on)

2 Power Off

3 Boot mode (plug in usb cable, remove battery, replace battery, hold down camera, power on)

4 Load the HK rom

5 Power Off

6 Boot mode 

7 Load superboot 1.4

This way doesn´t work for me as soon as I turn my device on I get force close weather widget and my homescreen keeps force closing?

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Guest IronFly
Thank you for your quick reply, but what is wipe? Isn't a hard reset the same?

you must reset to default settings.

wipe will delete all the caches and applications installed on the phone.

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