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TV -out??

Guest Seth Cold

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Guest three_pineapples

Well the plug on the bottom isn't a normal mini usb (its the other type of mini usb). I think that means it has extra pins...so maybe could support TV out if you had a cable...

I doubt it though :)

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Guest Charlton22

As fas as I can see, its a 5pin mini usb.... Its possible to get a tv out from the mini usb but my first impression is that its a normal mini-b usb connector.

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Guest chingy1788

Its more likely that the tv out is from the special USB connector than the 3.5mm port

dont bother with 3.5mm anymore

we just have to wait for acer to release a tv out cable, atleast for another phone so we can try

Usually, there needs to be software support from the phone, havent seen any TV out option in the menu

maybe some one should contactt acer? not about TV out, but about that 10 pin usb port

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