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Mobile phones 'have not increased brain cancers'

Guest tsutton

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Guest tsutton
Mobile phones 'have not increased brain cancers'

Could this be a good news for millions of Mobile Phone users out there?

There has been no substantial change in the number of adult brain tumours since mobile phone usage sharply increased in the mid-1990s, Danish scientists say.

The Danish Cancer Society looked at the rates of brain tumours among 20 to 79 year olds from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

They found that trends in cancer rates had not altered from the period before mobiles were introduced.

They did say they need to do a "longer folow up studies" are needed, but does this mean we don't have to worry too much about cooking our brain?

What are your thoughs about this news? Will you change the way you do with your mobile phone?

[Via: BBC News Technology]
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