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HD2..... Love and Hate

Guest rand

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Hi All,

I have owned just about every win mobile from the SPV 500 to the new current HD2. My Question is this.... Why do windows mobile have to make such a big performance over everything it does...

I love my HD2 but i have issues with the unit.. having to install 5 million applications to get the lock screen to stop... sms sends when it wants to... when you go on game sites apple charge 3.00 for a better version that i have to pay £10.00 for.. etc then there is media player... OMG i thought itunes was bad with quick time...

I bought the new Transformers on Blueray... it came with a digital copy... ok... i work in it... when it has to mess around with media player and takes you to a screen that does not work.... Microsoft sort your life out... I managed to get around it with lots of messing around... but now the movie judders like hell.. i bet if i had registered this on the itunes and used it on an apple it would have been A, easier and B, full screen and no judder...

I am seriously conserdering throwing the towel in with Windows mobile and jumping ship... i realise i have some stuff that wont work with apple... but hey it all works fine... no hang ups and messing around... no third party software to make it work like a phone..

rant off... anyone who has an iphone i would appreciate your comments.

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Whether or not a film comes with a 'digital copy' is irrelevant to how it will play on a device. Apple do have an advantage in that all iPhones have the same resolution, so there is no need for multiple recoding routines. (QVGA, VGA, WVGA, WQVGA, HVGA etc!)

When you recode for a mobile device, make sure you select a relevant resolution- it's no good coding to a high resolution then expecting the mobile device to further recode on the fly to suit the screen resolution.

I agree it is a faff, but once you get the resolutions right the quality on the HD series is far better than the iPhone.

Sorry if I'm preaching to the converted!

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Sometimes you don't even need to convert a video to watch it on your phone if you use Coreplayer: I'm using a I8000 (samsung Omnia 2) at the moment, lately I had the first and second seansons of Heroes in HD quality (Xvid, H.264). On my computer, I had to install a AC3 filter in order to hear the sound. On my Omnia 2, I gave it a try with Coreplayer and it played both image and sound perfectly, didn't need to resize or convert or install a sound filter. I just copied the .avi file to my storage card and I was ready to go. I need almost an hour to go to work, so it's almost the duration of an episode (44 min.) and I can enjoy it on the go. Google coreplayer, you'll find a lot. I have to say that I haven't installed the Coreplayer AAC plugin, mine is basic, just the player. PM me, I can send you the version I use as long as you stay with the phones that allow you to add extra storage and change battery, among other things :) .

Coreplayer is not free.

If you really need to convert, I suggest you use (funny enough) Videora iPod converter because it's free, can convert almost everything into almost everything (!) and it has so many settings that you can fine tune them to totally fit your needs.


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I agree it does depend on what you want it for. However, i've had a number of WinMo Devices too, SPV M2000, M500, Tytyn2, Polaris (Touch Cruise) and a couple of others, but windows mobile has been functional but a bit of a pain.

I bought a 3G on O2 (all my WinMo's were on my work Voda Contract), purely because i am a gadget freak and to be honest as a phone i've hardly used it (as an ipod and gadget i've used it lots). I've litterally just got my iphone unlocked and popped my Voda Sim out of my 1 month old HD2 and put it in the iphone.

I just cant stand the HD2, random SMS sending (or complete failure without warning), constant lockups, randomly calling whilst in my pocket and that blasted lock screen! I had a short break between my Tytyn 2 and my HD 2 with a Nokia Communicator which i thought i would hate, but the HD2 just wasnt what i was hoping it was.

Personally im going to box up the HD2 and wait for the WinMo 7 Upgrade if it ever materialises and crack on with the iphone, who knows i may get frustrated with it. So far my only annoyance is that the iphone doesnt mark exchange emails as read or forwarded which is a pain in the arse but hey!


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Just wanna say that i love mine ;)

Use it for email, sms, video and internet. Its just so great! Everything i wish my omnia had been when i bought that!

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Just want to add my 2 cents:

I have an Omnia i910 now...and holy F what a peice of sh*t!!! I mean I made it pretty cool (scratch that - tolerable) with all of the skins and what not, but sh*t screen drives me crazy and resetting my phone once a day and NO marketplace at all (I know there is one but what a pile of sh*t it is) I was so hoping to hear good things about the HD2 :rolleyes:

I am so sick of these winmo fanboys (Im one of them haha) saying how much better windows mobile is with the ability to run multiple apps at the same time - arse nuggets!!! Whenever you try to the f*cking phones freeze up anyway. I have an ipod touch (which runs very similar to the iphone) and multiple apps do seem to be running on it in kinda a cockeyed way. When I come home each day there are notifications from Facebook and ESPN and even while Im in another app it will give me notifications, when the f*ck would I need anymore than that? And the internet is 1 million times better on itouch/iphone as soon as I get home I put my winmo phone on the charger and surf the web with a device that acutally works all the time, every time - my iTouch.

...and now all these f*gs are bashing windows phone 7 for trying to be like apple and what not...shut the f*ck up and let us finally have something that works likes its suppossed to coherently with microsoft's other products - ie Zune, Live. Maybe finally we can stop rigging our phones to run stuff its not made for and video will work and and and....and Im probably dreaming

After using apple products and being jealous of how well they work - WP7 will be a breath of fresh air.

(and I did jailbreak my itouch and did tons and tons of stuff to it that I could only dream about my windows phone doing - like working:)

Cheers - thanks for helping with my decision

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