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Cannot connect to internet via home broadband + router

Guest jaz_jas

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Guest jaz_jas

Hi Everyone,

I'm another newbie to the site and hope you might be able to help me out.

I just got the new HTC HD2 and I cant connect to the internet via my home wireless router.

I'm with virgin broadband and have a Netgear router. I can connect to the router but when I open any pages in either Opera or IE I get the following error:

cannot find server or dns error

I don't have a problem connecting to the internet on either of my laptops. I can access the internet from my phone using my O2 internet service provider but I rather use my wifi at home and O2 when I'm on the move.

If anyone could help me out I'd be extremely thankful as I've tried everyone and no-one seems to know much about the HTC HD2 as its still fairly new.



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Guest daithiliberia

I am also a newbie and am having the exact same problem with a netgear router.When i check the IP address it doesnt seem to be valid,however when i click renew IP nothing changes,also it wont let me change it manually,Just as a side note my fiancee is using the hero with this connection and has had no problems.Can anyone help??Thanks

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Guest ascot17

Have you tried changing the security settings on your router?

I had a similar problem wih my Samsung Omnia. My router security was set to WPA-PSK. Although this worked fine for 2 laptops, the Omnia would often not connect.

I changed my router security to WEP. Now I have no more problems.

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Guest Maxwell Newton

I would also say check the settings. Do a quick search online to find what security the HD2 supports then adopt accordingly!

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