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touch alignment gone wrong

Guest RickDawson

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Guest RickDawson

I have this problem, it happened from christmas day onwards. It's random as to the problem being there.

it will maybe work again for a very short period if I manage to get to the align screen config.

I'm running the stock rom (never flashed)

I have done some TF3D changes. (background, icons, etc.)

I've tried a hard reset to no avail, and also been through the screen alignment thing many, many times, which fixes for a few seconds only.

It can randomly decide to work again, and then randomly not work.

found out the volume control and tap screen shortcut to the align screen config, so I can get to the alignment app again.

It's like the lower down the screen I tap, the further away it is from what actually shows on the screen. the call home back end buttons don't work either when it is not aligned.

Bought the HD from mobiles.co.uk without cancelling the insurance, so still have it.

I'm in the UK and the date of the insurance letter is 15th June 2009 on an 18 month contract with O2

What should I do?

I'm thinking of going to the Carphone Warehouse to send it for repair.

How long is the HTC warranty on the HD

I've had mine for about 6/7 months.

What paperwork will the Carphone Warehouse require?

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Guest MrRalphMan

Exactly the same thing happened to me, bought through mobiles.co.uk too.

Took it down to the CPWH near canon street and two weeks later I got it back good as new.



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