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Mobile phone sales dip at close of 2009

Guest tsutton

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Guest tsutton
Mobile phone sales dip at close of 2009

2009 has been a slow year - it was revealed that the sales of handset has dipped for the period up to Xmas, but operators has reported record sales of handsets and they are happy with it anyway.

The final weeks leading up to Christmas saw a dip in handset sales, despite some operators reporting record sales for the period, according to data from analyst firm GfK.

The figures revealed that sales had risen by 0.5% to 633,000 units by week 49 of last year compared with 2008, but they then showed a sudden dip in the last two weeks. According to one senior industry source, the slowdown reflected some operators reaching the end of their budgets.

Despite this, some retailers reported record sales for the Christmas period in 2009. Orange said it had been 'the best Christmas ever' for mobile retail. A spokeswoman added: 'While footfall was down over the period due to the snow, it did not matter as Christmas started early for us thanks to a strong device portfolio and Christmas Gift Box.'

Meanwhile, Tesco said it had been a 'great Christmas' in terms of the number of activations and iPhone sales, and also across the branded business.

What mobile phone did you get for the 2009? And what phone are you planning to get for 2010?

[Via: Mobile Magazine]
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