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[Poll][ROM] 6.5.x/6.5 J's Sense 2.1

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Guest superdarkyaya

I've vote NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (it's a joke loooooool !!) Of course yo do !!

My only wish (like many many people) is a multilanguage rom.......

=> 6.5.5 with Manila 2.1 : Amazing job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Are you a God ? :) If not yet, you will be !! ^^)

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Guest darkworldzz

yes make it pls... i made a request to rgd but i forgot what hpnd after...

i vote for 6.1 if capable.... less ram and faster.....

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just got my omnia 2 today, been playing around with it kida slow compaired to a iphone but that is most likely wm6.5

well anything is better then what we have, i would love it if you kept it as stock as possible but remove all the blot ware and samsung crap. Which would then allow us to get the htc flo as the defult UI rather then s*** samsung

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Guest speedfrog

hellowwwwwwwwwwww Poll : What are you doing !!!!!!???????

Have you began your firmware ?????

I have decided. I will do it ! (:

For those wondering, I will do both 6.5 and 6.5.x.

Time to gather the things required.

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Guest myglowinghalo
Bad news. School is giving me more work then i expected. ROM might be delayed.

Btw, already got Sense 2.1 Packages.

sounds good man~

as much as i don't wanna say it.. school comes first, ya? (don't hate me, guys)

we'll be patient and wait! :) haha~



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Guest grahamkdt
when do you expect to release the rom?

Don't ask questions like this, you'll upset the chef! (Us maintenance engineer types always get upset when someone asks 'how long'? - it'll be done when it's done!!) :)

I'm sure we'll all know immediately it's released - I can't wait that's for sure! :)

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i hope it runs better then the current one, i could not get get the music player to work it always kept saying searching and the photo didn't work either other then those 2 A++.

Yes please give us a cab so we can install without flashing

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