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Removing Superuser.apk permanently?

Guest chewtoy0

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Guest chewtoy0

Alright, I am trying to consolidate everything I've learned about this process, as well as get some input from you folks. (who have been awesome).

I have root, and 1.005.001CSL.

I am trying to remove root WHILE KEEPING 1.005.001 (in order to return the phone in factory state to the dealer). To that end, I am following these steps: http://forum.androidcentral.com/hacking/49...ermissions.html

The issue I've run into is that upon rebooting the phone in step 4...Superuser.apk is back in the menu.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

PS at the end of the linked thread, someone mentions root manager...which I can't find on the market.

Thanks again for all the help.

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Try to find if there is still a Superuser.apk on your phone with

find / -name 'Superuser.apk'. If there is one, remove it.

Have you restored your boot.img ? I don't know exactly but I think modified boot.img install root if not present. Maybe that's why it reappers. To confirm...

To be sure, I advice you to install a full bin image with acer update tool. It will erase all your phone partition, including boot partition. The problem is that you seems to be willing to keep your current system version and the is no available bin for this one. The neerest available roms is Acer_Liquid_1.004.00-complete.zip.

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