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Favorite Apps for your Liquid?

Guest Joshuah

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Guest Joshuah


I wanted to hear from the community of Liquid/Android users..

What is YOUR favorite application, and WHY?

Please stick to the following format so we can have some consistency within this thread.

Please note: you can do more than one...!

Application name:

Application purpose:

Application reason for use:

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Guest Joshuah

I'll start...

Application name: Handcent SMS

Application purpose: Alternative SMS application

Application reason for use: it is most customisable and add's 'ease of use'

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I have 2 favorite applications

Application name: superdialer

Application purpose: alternative dialpad

Application reason for use: more beautiful than the default (obviously b4 the great work of chunga... 10x bro!)

Application name: NewsRob

Application purpose: rss aggregator

Application reason for use: very good integration with google reader (pc, laptop and phone news synchronized... really amazing!)



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