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[DEV] Lets get that AOSP 2.0 running devs!

Guest behnaam

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Guest behnaam

This thread is regarding the AOSP Liquid development. To get a working compiled android ROM from source will be to big help for future development. So lets work togheter to the goal of getting a working 2.0 AOSP build on our Liquids!

My progress so far:

No logcat - Phone seems to be dependent of following original files (not from AOSP, from liquid donut build):

  • libc.so in /system/lib
  • libdc++.so in /system/lib
  • libthreaded_db.so in /system/lib
  • linker in /system/bin

This starts the debugging on phone, but it stops there. Researched a little and looked into the source core parts a little more and in documentation it says that linker binary can prelink libraries to each other. Now in the source this feature is set to "false" as default (disabled).

After installing the IDA Diassembler, I've managed to see that linker binary actually seems to have prelink set as "true" and therefore needs certain libraries to boot correctly. The thing that is ackward is the fact that here isnt any logcat output witha linker bin using disabled pre linking.

Now to be able to set prelink as "true" in source, you also need to edit the mapping of the different libs memory addresses, so that linker finds these and links them.

Now the main issue is that we cant get a working build compiled from AOSP since it doesnt boot.


The Liquid 2.0 Eclair vendor three can be found here:


and the instructions on how to compile is here (dont mind the info text its a dummy text):


Remember, this is an effort to bring the community forward, by having the oppertunity to have a working compiled AOSP, opens many other doors.

All contribution is needed and discussion can be done in this thread!

Lets do it!

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Guest maxisma

Yea, thats the problem.

Does anyone know how to find out the memory adresses out of a running ROM?

It seems like lickonn got this problem sorted out.

Actually I even tried to replace all libs + the matching binaries, but that didn't work, as Android complained about that it couldn't register some specific wifi classes.

This is in connection with the framework, so I would have had to replace the framework too, which in the end would have been a stock ROM minus the Acer specific app, which is everything but not what we want.

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