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DskDump 2.0

Guest sorg

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Guest fofo44
don't work on Czech version :P Storage Card name - Paměťová karta

Work czech verzion. :huh: / Tato nova verzia pracuje uplne v pohode. Mam odskusane. Problem bude nikde inde/

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Guest robrazil
Doesn`t work in Brazilian Portuguese phone (i8000L). Show the massage cannot create \Cartão de Memória\rom_dump.bin.

Any solution?

Hi, Thal.

I have a Omnia 2, of TIM, and it is I800L too and I hadn't any problem to use dskdump.exe and create rom_dump.bin file in root of Memory Card(Cartão de Memória).

The rom_dump.bin has 300Mb.

Did you checked if your have free space enough in your memory card ? :rolleyes:

If you want, send me a private message and we talk in portuguese.

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Guest manasia
Here is updated version of dskdump which automatically detects card name.

Usage is the same as before.

Make sure you have inserted SD card and it has enough free space (500mb should be enough). Run this utility and wait around 1-2 minutes and it will notify you by message box at the end of process.

Dump of ROM will be saved to file "rom_dump.bin" on SD card.

This utility should work not only on i8000, but on many other WM phones.


First of all I would like to thank for creating such utility, about my query... I was trying to take backup of my Orignal ROM so that I can try with cooked ROM and in case any thing goes wrong I can restore back my orignal ROM.

To take my Orignal ROM backup, have hard reset my HTC touch(ELF) and copied dskdump file on my empty memory card and executed.... it has taken more then 2 hours till my memory card got full and end up with error.

Can you please suggest on the same... Also I would like to know best way to take my ROM backup so that in critical situation I can restore back same. Since am new to all this am bit scared to do all... didnt want to end up with breaking my HTC ELF.

Thanks in advance :)

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Guest bobhero

Is anyone working on atool or method for dumping phone or eboot parts from samsung i8000?

If not, do you think there will be a way to edit/decompile these parts form released ROMs?

Thank you.

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Guest Eddie333

Hello Sorg, great job, thank you.

Just a small trouble. After start it showed the massage "Cannot create \Paměťová karta\rom_dump.bin." (Czech language; card is 16GB, 2GB free space)

But in resources I could see that something is consuming a space on the memory card.

After only cca. 2 minutes it showed message window "Success" with text "Finished" (and button "OK").

On the card is 310MB "rom_dump"...

May I trust it, is it OK?

Thank you in advance.


Second try - no error message, only "Success/Finished", created file has the same size as after 1st try... Hope it's (was) OK.

Edited by Eddie333
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