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Adding new locale

Guest Umka

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I am using Acer Liquid with 1.004.00 ROM installed

When I go to Settings > Locale & tex > Set locale I can chose from English, French, Italian and other languages. I was wondreing if I could extract language files, translate those to let;s say Japanese or Ukrainian and make them available to select in the menu. Or maybe such translations are already out there?

Could someone let me know if it is possible to add a new locale to Acer Liquid (android 1.6 1.004.00 )

Thank you

PS: I am not looking for Japanese input or for showing Japanese text - i have that. I would like all or most Android menus and messages tranlated to Japanese.

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Acer cut some languages from apps on Liquid, MoreLocale doesn't work with them. Only chance is AOSP

Any instruction to where and how do I get/translate/add language files?

It seems like more locale only changes Phone Number format and some other settings. It does not actually seem to translate your phone menus to Japanese or any other language you might have chosen, unless this language is already installed.

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