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ODEX script for unodex'd ROMs

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest xTc is loVe
Paul exuse me, can you make a script to odex on windows like a script to zipalign that i have?

thanks so much :P

Thats the Stuff i want =) I like to unodex APK´s on my PC and odex them on the PC for Skinning.

But the only APK´s u really need to change the Skin of your ROM is framework-res.apk and it is always unodexed ;-)

Please build a Script someone =) This would be great! A Script to do all this on the phone would be enough, too =)

Post2:D Hey thanks for this script! Works great on Villian5.1!

Can u tell waht i have to do if i want to get the odex file into the rom? So that i can easily install it as an Update.zip?

I know how to build zips and how to sign them only want to know if i need a script or something to run the rom as a odex rom right at the first boot.....and where to push it... Hope u understand me!

Edit: Is there a script to unodex the ROM?

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Guest xTc is loVe
If you extract it via an OS that doesn't know what an executable bit is (i.e. Windows) you'll need to run;

adb shell sh /data/odex/odex.sh


There is no way to do this on the PC? With Linux? ( I have Opensuse 10.1 and Linpus Linux 9.5)

Is there a way to unodex apks on the phone? Or its just enough to sign the apk´s with the testkey on the pc?

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Guest Eddie1506
Is there a script to odex the framework?

Would like to know this too.

This script to odex /system/app worked like charm on VillainROM 5.5 & 6.1, but now I would like to odex framework jars and apks.


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