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iPad forces operators to shave their SIMs

Guest tsutton

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iPad forces operators to shave their SIMs

With the recent Apple announcment of iPad and ever since they've said it would be using MicroSIM card for the iPad, mobile phone operators has been busy stocking up, ready for the iPad release so you don't have to cut up your standard sized SIM card.

However, microSIM is nothing new. It was suggested by Nokia back in 1998 but was not popular. Until now.

O2, Orange and DoCoMo are all apparently stocking up on micro SIMs suitable for Apple's iPad, though taking a sharp knife to an existing SIM is always an option.

Quite why Apple decided to use the third form factor for the iPad's 3G module isn't clear, but anyone planning to stuff an existing SIM into an iPad will need to be prepared to slice off some edges to make it fit.

Is iPad going to change the mobile phone market? Will we see smaller mobile phoens in the future where it will use microSIM card? Personally, I think nothing much will change in the next few years and microSIM will be only used for the iPad while standard mobile phones will carry on using the standard SIM card sized.

However I could be wrong... we'll see. ;)

[Via: The Register]
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